Ohbliv is a breakout beatmaker based in Richmond, VA notorious for a massive bandcamp back catalogue and his throwback, soulful hip-hop beats. His new tape, Raw Spirit Jewels, continues the formula, dropping immaculate samples from dusty jazz, soul and disco records onto twenty of the most consistent, most crafty tracks I’ve heard in awhile. Throughout the release, you feel these moments of space between samples falling, just slightly, off-beat; breathy moments of soul in the sampler, fighting back against sterilized quantization with each poised, brilliant cue.

I’m just going to let the music speak for itself this week. There has been a myriad of wonderful releases over the last seven days, and these ten are just the tip of the iceberg. Show these talented folks support in any way you can and enjoy the week ahead!

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Nova is a name you don’t know now, but need to know going forward. The young artist produces much of his own material, he raps, he harmonizes and he sings.  collective. With “Off This” Nova channels his own take on the current electronic/ ambient-infused R&B sound and adds his own twinkles and twangs as he croons about a girl he says he needs in his life to deliver an eargasm of a track. Go through the rest of his catalog (which only goes back six months!) and get familiar. Something tells me he won’t be going away for awhile.

Okay, so this won’t be for everyone but this to me is an exciting example of the potential of where the beat scene can go in that this is just some straight up jazzy goodness.  Jazz historically relies on improvisation as a foundational piece and this has that in essence with it’s chaotic but controlled stuttering beat, twinkling piano chops, and buoyant bass. Shamana does this a lot – ignores what ever you want and just makes what he feels and that’s what this is. Just some good, honest, jazzy music.

Montreal’s Tibe came to by way of the Alaya Family facebook group. A polite private message and a fire tune is all it takes sometimes. “Still In Love” is a supremely funky number with a number of tempo switches as it swings back and forth between a jazzy trap beat and a grooving house style. Tibe reps a number of crews including Zen Supremacy, just like our Alaya family Swindail and Josh Pan. This one is the first I’ve heard from Tibe but it likely won’t be the last.

Now this is some sort of house music, but it’s not necessarily one I can easily identify.  Not that it matters, Promnite brings some super smooth sounds on “Through The Night” to deliver one of the funkiest numbers in a minute.  As a member of the Athletixx crew, Promnite has been doing some crazy work in the club music vein so this is a welcome respite from that. Fans of Kaytranada and Soulection’s Da-P will definitely dig this one.  It’s a free download so you can snag this and slide it right into those crates.  I’m personally warming up my Friday night with this one.

Orlando, FL isn’t very well known for its music scene, when most people think of Central Florida they think of Disneyworld but starting that now could change. Introducing Ayo (the producer), he’s been around making beats in the Hip-Hop world for years now to some of the biggest names of the scene (Drake, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, etc) but now he’s in using that production style and combining it with various electronic elements to help his sound really stick out. Check out his latest release below, a fresh flip of Elhae;

Durante has low key been developing a beautifully deep type of house sound. It’s not deep house like you might have been convinced in the past years, but an actually DEEEEEP house track with some serious soul. Remixing Beat Connection, Durante brings an ethereal, almost Balearic feel to this one with the opening only to dip into some groovy melodic stabs and vocal bits.