It’s a sound with distinct associations for a select group of individuals. The public restroom flush. Though, to parry it further, the flush of a toilet in a club restroom, dirty, graffiti’d, and stickered beyond recognition. Subtlety was key in these scenarios and the noise one made could easily disclose too much information. Stealthily, a brisk sniff. Shortly thereafter, an immense swell of excitement; insatiable- even with the most ridiculous of sound systems. An energy compressed into either, “not long enough” or “just damn right”. One might even say, they’d felt compelled to burst through the bathroom doors and, on cue with quite possibly the most gratifying drop in recent memory, loose themselves – completely. This kind of energy transcends itself through an up-and-coming Vancouver producer of unending surprises, Juelz. With a raw creative ear for detail, in both composition and production, you can imagine the depths into which Juelz will take our minds.

so i woke up to some amazing news. GXNXVS and CVIRO teamed up recently. their latest collaboration titled “SOBER” engulfs the listener in bliss that seamlessly synergize GXNXVS’ synth heavy melodies with CVIRO’s breath-taking vocals. keep an eye out on these two. enjoy

selects 005

And we’re back! Let’s jump right in. Melvv returned with another breathtaking remix that automatically will lift your spirits whenever you hit play, and CATT MOOP did the same with a bouncy and fresh rendition of Royal and Desktop‘s huge tune, “Round 2.” As for brand new finds, nvdes is a very intriguing indie electronic outfit that smashes all type of influence into a tightly knit and clean cut package. IYES does the same with a dreamy new original that resonates with a little bit of bite as well. While upbeat tunes like these are great for the warm weather out there, this week’s selections lie more on the smooth and laidback side of SoundCloud. Case in point: Darius and FKJ banded together to craft an ethereal masterpiece, and Kidwaste continued to develop a high standard of providing essential and thoughtful vibes with his new release.

Summer nights are made for relaxing, and who better to soundtrack it than Tom Misch with another soulful, guitar driven remix. That’s a perfect match. As we foray into a futuristic R&B sound, midnight crooned alongside Jez Dior on a buttery YLXR production, and gnash, supported by Olivia O’Brien, does what he does best by making you feel emotions you didn’t even know you were capable of experiencing. With yet another strong week of new music behind us, we finish up with Rationale, who capitalizes on an almost 80’s tinged number than would make Tears For Fears proud, while simultaneously creating something unique all his own. Until next time, enjoy the week ahead!

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Our track-by-track thoughts about Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s new album Multi-Love. Learn more about the songs and listen to a few of the tracks that are available to stream. You can support Unknown Mortal Orchestra and download the complete album from itunes here.


The title track is a welcoming intro to the diverse album ahead. The vocal arrangement and song writing make ‘Multi-Love’ immediately assessable. But it is also preparing the listener for strangities to come. A quick piano part plays under as the long vocal melody guides the listener in, the contrasts are discreet and everywhere.

‘Like Acid Rain’

Soul music and rock n’ roll meet in the middle on ‘Like Acid Rain’. Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s clean bass rides through and occasionally you will get a spicy treat in Flaming Lips-style rhythm hooks and symbol crashes.

‘Ur Life One Night’

A dilieariant trip through pop music surrenders to its fast pace. Confusion and fun blur together in this unintelligible groove, leaving the listener wondering what exactly just happened.

‘Can’t Keep Checking My Phone’

This song begins with a slow orchestral intro reminiscent of classic flamenco music. It suddenly transforms into an energetic and danceable sound held together by the constant rhythmic tapping of a wood block. The vigorous percussion filled with plenty of claps and snares is paired together perfectly with UMO’s grungy analog synths and Nielson’s distorted vocal hooks.

‘Extreme Wealth and Casual Cruelty’

Beginning with an explosive, phased-out drum fill, ‘Extreme Wealth and Casual Cruelty’ is much more reminiscent of the groups lo-fi psychedelic rock sound present throughout their previous album, II. Complex guitar licks intermingle with Nielson’s vocal range beautifully and he truly demonstrates his vocal’s full potential.

‘The World is Crowded’

This more bass-driven track supplies the listener with a very accessible and groovy experience. String-like synths blend perfectly with the vocal harmonization that Nielson utilizes. The group is still able to maintain their psychedelic sound through various horn parts and a persistently minimal lo-fi drum beat.

‘Stage or Screen’

Stage or Screen is a stand out track on the album as it is a throwback to UMO’s garage-psychedelic sound and lo-fi percussion, while including more complex production techniques and synthesizer riffs. An abrupt shift at around 2:35, the
track transforms into a beautiful synth ballad with an atmosphere of lush electronic sound effects.

‘Necessary Evil’

Necessary Evil is definitely one of the standout tracks from Multi-Love, featuring complex melodies, nostalgic synth lines and brass instrumental licks. Nielson truly demonstrates his vocal range and melodic ability on this fantastic track.


If you felt the album reached a certain resolve or stability, the strange exit track ‘Puzzels’ is a sonic re-set. Its sporadic sections and loose creativity somehow make you eager to listen to “multi-love” all over again.

selects 004

This week’s collection features no remixes, which, honestly, was unintentional at first, but seeing the same song remixed over and over certainly can get old quickly. We kick things off with snbi, a relatively new producer that flourishes a deft hand at heavy and dark trap influenced work, while four ● lore, who hasn’t even been on SoundCloud for a month, demonstrates an equal capability of providing icy atmospheres that delicately float out of speakers. Dead Times is a duo that balances a gently flowing production style along with their own vocals and live elements that mesh into a highly developed hybrid of electronica and R&B. With live instruments now in the mix, ahh ooh simply crushes his new original with his guitar driven approach and Gramatik level groove. Our rhythm then catapults us into the stratosphere with the newest effort from Cosmic Quest and Lolaby, who are working their way into being as groundbreaking as the marvelous Galimatias and Alina Baraz.

Shifting gears in the world of “Conscious Pop,” Royal has finally followed up his landmark Cycles EP with a tasteful new single that boasts an important message along with pristine production. The Soda Island crew is an exciting new group that shines with bright and upbeat tunes, and Avionics has made a textbook addition to their chipper frequencies. Aussie natives Polographia and Cosmo’s Midnight, who actually have worked together previously, provided new tunes showcasing their unique and uncommon styles that defined the sound of an entire country’s electronic scene. One of my favorite pop acts, CAFUNÉ, have finally returned with a defining single that proves their merit from the first verse. Never forget to show all of these fascinating artists support in any way you can, and enjoy the week ahead!

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selects 003

As the summer continues to saunter onward, it brings along more and more magnificent music at every turn. Tin Gardens worked with DRMWVR on a dusky and reverb soaked original that provides a superb backdrop to a shimmering sunset. The powerful duo of Tulpa and MPH have created an impeccable release right here at alaya that is sure to trigger a myriad of emotions. Continuing on this path, Olmos juggles selective chopped vocals over a house groove that flourishes with lush keys and a delicate guitar driven melody. Future Classic and Next Wave are up next as Ta-ku and Alina Baraz continue to formulate breathtaking work, while Beshken, Mothica and Mayo band together to do more of the same. There’s been a strong culmination of laidback vibes so far, but that certainly doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about the tunes you bump on a sunny day with the windows down!

As the pace picks up, another triumvirate of talent appears. Krs. and Masego team up for an infectious new rendition of Jahkoy that will kick off your day just right. Moving away from remixes for a bit, LUCA LUSH decided to venture in original material (with his own vocals!), and, as you’d expect, it works like a charm. As the tempo shifts, Rad Cat has reworked St. South into a fantastic indie electronic tune, while AObeats does what he does best with ZZ Ward‘s new single. Last, but certainly not least, Giraffage, Viceroy and Patrick Baker push the envelope by combining the best of each of their sounds into what is arguably one of the most unique releases Dim Mak has seen in a long time. With another week under our belts, it’s time to gear up for the next, but that just means more music is on the way!

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the trio hailing from australia, named SAFIA, recently put out an infectious new single titled “Embracing Me.” their exceptional use of vocal synths and insightful production create a perfect backdrop for their exquisite vocals. don’t sleep on these three. enjoy