Abbi Press is a producer and vocalist from Brooklyn, New York who is doing some really big things. With her latest release, an  EP titled, soft thirst, she has managed to fit herself into her own genre, creating sounds that are hard to define.

The combination of Ms. Press’s revolutionary style of production and her overwhelming talent in vocals have made her a musical force that simply can’t be stopped, so be sure to watch out for her in the near future.

We picked out some of our favorite tracks of Abbi’s and also chatted with her about topics ranging from potato chips to farms. So be sure to check both out down below.

How are you?

Went to the gym after work so I’m pretty hyped up. Found a girl to sublet my room for the month of April so I’m stoked on that. Also stoked on the bag of potato chips I just found – they went really well with my hotdog.

What made you want to start making music?

There wasn’t a start-to-want as far as I can remember, it just was. Growing up underneath a baby grand piano that my Dad would practice for hours on end and hearing my Mom sing classical music / jazz standards on the reg was an environment that lent itself to expressing myself and living through music.

Who are your standout influences?

My main influences are my friends. Everyone is really going at it these days, it’s hard not to be influenced by the community I’ve found. I’m also influenced by standout women in music, especially Yukimi Nagano, Inara George, Agnes Obel, Victoria Legrand, First Aid Kit, Aluna Francis, Imogen Heap, iamamiwhoami, Kazu Makino, St. Vincent, Robyn, FKA Twigs, and Björk Guðmundsdóttir.

If you could work with one artist, who would it be?

ONLY ONE? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO ME?! guh idkkkkk i would really love to work with Four Tet, there’s just something about his work that has always struck such a chord with me.

How old were you when you started making music?

I was always making up songs as a kid whether it was in the bathtub or roaming around outside climbing trees and swimming in creeks. I was home-schooled until 4th grade and lived on a 40 acre farm so it was something I did to amuse myself. I would basically make up songs about any situation – just sing instead of talk – even if no one was around to listen. I distinctly remember writing out lyrics and a 4-bar pop melody when I was 10 and running home to record it on our cassette player. I still remember how it goes too.

What artist are you listening to a lot of right now?

I’m kind of sporadic these days with what I listen to and I can’t pick one artist that has really grabbed my complete attention as of late, so I’ll just say this week I’ve had Four Tet’s Beautiful Rewind in my ears a bunch, along with Thom Yorke’s Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes. Tinashe’s mixtape is real. FKA Twigs is unreal. Pulled up Dirty Chocolate’s SC a bunch of times to catch a vibe. Visited Mister Lies and his SoundCloud a bunch this week too. Been trying to pick his brain.

Whats the first instrument you learned how to play?

My voice


What’s your favorite part about making music?

Expression. Feeling as though my heart is being sung.

What’s something other than music that you’re interested in?

Quantum physics and the universe. Black holes are really crazy to think about and how we’re connected to everything and how we’re surrounded by wormholes. Alternate realities are really interesting too and what dreams are made of. If I concentrate hard enough I can control certain aspects of my dreams. Lucid dreaming is really fascinating.

What’s your favorite fruit?

Pineapple (+ Pizza + Jalapenos)

Do you have a certain process when making music?

Not really. I definitely approach each song individually and tend to focus on how the sound feels/let feeling guide me. My process for collaborations is different than that of my own production. For example, sometimes I’ll get an instrumental from someone and write a whole song before recording the vocals. Other times I’ll record improv take after improv of vocal takes until a song reveals itself from the session. Then I’ll go back and edit and polish. If I’m producing the track then I’ll start with a sound I like, or one of my analog synths, or a plugin, or a drum pattern and work my way from the ground up. It’s never the same thing twice. One of the reasons why it’s so fun ♡

         Thank you Abbi!

Be sure to check out more from Abbi on her Facebook and Soundcloud!

for the average soundcloud explorer, UV Boi has become a household name for good reason. this australian producer consistently seems to put out exceptional material and his latest track featuring vocalist Fionn Richards and production duo Brasstracks is no different. as Brasstracks’ glimmering horns and Fionn’s gorgeous vocals dance around the track, UV’s net inspired production complements them perfectly. remember to pick up the free download if you can dig. and don’t forgot to catch UV Boi on tour. enjoy.


we recently had the opportunity to chat with the talented artist and musician froyo ma. check out what we talked about below and peep at some more of froyo’s work here.


how are you?

hey I’m doing super well actually jst finished school so thats #sick and I’m about to go on a lil road trip up the east coast

did you do anything cool today?

ummmmmmmm nah actually i jst worked on this lil song idea thing. i haven’t even gotten outta bed yet. I’m actually very very hungry right now.

what’s your favorite animal?

hmmm i think snails are super funny also squids are so sick WAIT THERE WAS THIS ONE THING hold up lemme search for it oh i really like dumbo octopuses too but wait theres one thing

its a pangolin i remember i got it in some dumb google quiz i took on earth day. so sick, thanks google.

what inspires your art?

hot cheeto puffs and the #sunrise

are you content?

fuck no I still need to build a house w/ an underground fort and a sunroom where the floor is jst mattresses. also i really really want this weird landshark kneeboard thing they sell at wal-mart. its like $60 but its sooo fun to drift around turns and stuff. every time i go there i hop on that bad boy. also i wanna go on tour opening for someone rly bad. also i want to find some way to get my hands on a shrink ray.

what is your favorite day of the week and why?

yoo damn probably sunday? idk its bittersweet but its so relaxed either that or maybe like thursday or something crazy

what’s your favorite insect?

fuck is a snail an insect? ummm maybe ants i guess bc they have this tiny world but i guess that goes for all insects so idk i like insects they’re tight

what’s your favorite plant?

confederate jasmine that shit smells soo good its crazy wow. that or maybe mango trees

would you rather be a zuchini, cactus, or willow tree?

cactus seems kinda sick i don’t like zucchinis but also being a cactus is probably lonely. being a willow tree would be tight. i think cactus is just a cool word.

what’s your favorite color?

mint green, pink, and blue

mind sharing some advice on life?

stop making trap. nah im kidding just do what u love i guess idk have a good day too but yo i personally hate trap so yeah. penis.


japanese producer, Qrion, recently put out an unbelievable refix of “Repeat Pleasure” by How To Dress Well. as How To Dress Well’s wispy vocals float around the track, Qrion’s exceptional production and rolling high hats entrance the listener. a few days ago i was fortunate enough to catch her play live in los angeles and distinctly remember her opening her set with this breath-taking number. after playing alongside the likes of starRo, spazzkid, and Shawn Wasabi the energy of the performance overall was indescribable. not to mention the venue served some pretty great ramen (s/o tokyo beat). be sure to keep up with Qrion on twitter and catch her in a city near you. enjoy.

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I was lucky enough to stumble across a Dragon Ball themed Soundcloud profile about a year ago. The artist was Lord Apex, a London-based rapper/producer who drops bars from the dojo with super smooth flow. About a week ago I rediscovered this artist and he is is getting ready to move onto the next level. Although still known as Lord Apex, his name is now sensei and he just dropped a very solid album titled, Hyōkō Meisō (elevation – Meditation). Please take a listen and I hope you enjoy the stylings of sensei as much as I have. It’s looking up for Lord Apex.

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