And in the back corner, hailing from across the pond, we have Whispa’s latest drop in collaboration with R.O.M. It is titled ‘Shiraz’, a four minute exploration of the wonder in FM synthesis. That sounds really boring actually, let me try again. Shiraz is a smooth, polyrhythmic, super-duper danceable track. This beat is both recognizable, often resembling classic trap and even some popular EDM (near the end), but also refreshing and unique. It’s obvious that our two heroes paid a lot of attention in crafting a beat every bit as diverse as the melody itself. A melody that’s carried through on stabby synths that swirl around each other like psycho ice-dancers. I definitely recommend you blast this through your nicest pair of speakers; it’s got jump, it’s got go, it’s got subtlety and force. It’s damn good.


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Alfred English has once again worked his computer magic with a trapped-out remix of Linkin Park’s “In The End”.  The remix begins with the song’s familiar piano hook, which will snap its listeners to attention in recollection of the teenage days they spent angsting away to Linkin Park music.  As soon as the vocals enter, they are immediately intercepted by the trap beat that Æ has concocted, which is soon joined by some chants, snares, and claps.  The piano hook loops in the background, creating an entirely reimagined atmosphere for this very familiar sample.  Occasionally, verses of sparkly synth play an octave above the piano line, furthering the sonic textures. One of the great things about this song is that while it is a fantastic piece of production, the idea of a Linkin Park trap remix may be so unfathomable to some people that it holds a sense of irony, even humor.  But if you’re familiar with Alfred English, you know a humorous approach to well-produced art is not unexpected.  Take a listen (and download!) below, and perhaps play it at your next party to excite and subsequently confuse your guests with the unexpected trap turn of a teen angst classic.  Thank you, Æ.

– Arielle

Oh, Alfred English also has a bizarre hip hop project Hot Goon that you can #BTFO to.

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San Soma

Cody Samson, aka San Soma, is a multi-talented producer and member of the Chicago based TDS Collective. He has just released an amazing self-titled EP and this featured song ‘September’ is fresh off the record. It opens with an engulfing ambiance where the mood is set by sounds of nature and birds. Beautiful guitar work, reminding me of rippling water, flows behind the track. When San Soma adds his haunting vocals, the song grows greater depth and dimension, even under a fast simple synth beat running behind. At first listen, ‘September’ will immerse you with emotion; it honestly left me speechless. Sam Soma masterfully balances serene  ambiance with a lethargic melancholy he emotes through guitar and vocal work. If ‘September’ also has you feeling some type of way, you can download this song and the rest of the album on Bandcamp here.


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Today we bring you a remix from Canadian producer and DJ Willow Bell, aka Whaleskin. As many of you know, Canada is currently in the dead of winter (if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, carry on, you lucky bastards). But Mr. Bell seems to have instead been spending time on sun-kissed beaches, or at the very least daydreaming of them. And that is more than ok with us. ‘Proof of You’ is a sunshiny, indie dance jam that doesn’t let up from the first beat – exactly what we needed in this cold weather. We think you’ll warm up to it too. Happy grooving. Oh, and you can download it for free here.


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Bobby Victor, fifth from the left.

Fever the Ghost has been making waves with their unique psychadelic electro-pop and bizarre live performances. A few weeks ago the group released an EP, Crab in Honey. Bobby Victor, Synthesizer-maestro and human-arpeggio of the Los Angeles outfit took the time to answer some questions for alaya.


What question do you hate being asked?

“What question do you love being asked?”

What question do you love being asked? Sorry about that.

“What question do you hate being asked?”

How do you express yourself outside  of music?

Youtube Poop.

How long have you known each other?

Almost two years for some and four for others.

How long has Crab in Honey been in the works?

Since school, at least.

Considering the molecular dynamics of the jamming/unjaming transition in a two-dimensional granular pile with rolling resistance, will the value of the threshold width for unjaming increase when rolling resistance is taken into account?

You see, rolling resistance is a type of kinetic friction, much less severe than static friction. Considering that the threshold of static friction is far below the force/distance quotient that out usual jamming/unjamming transitions output, we need only worry about the k-value of rolling resistance, which is quite low, due to constant oiling and innovating.  We have streamlined our transitions and added incredible angular momentum to the rollers, such that a full start and full stop is no longer guaranteed, but we can transfer the energy to audience members so that it appears as though we have become completely unjammed when in fact the audience has now picked up the momentum.  The two dimensional granular pile directly correlates with the headcount and movement of the audience as seen from a transverse angle.

How has your experience working and performing with the Flaming Lips been? How did that come about?

It was pretty good. I recommend that everybody try it at least once. Wayne Coyne double-clicked on the   internet and found a social media with us in the middle.  He became interested in our stats and gave us a chance to prove our worth in likes and shares.

Do you have any encouraging words for young artists such as yourselves?

If you don’t do it now, then what is the present?

Do you have any discouraging words for young artists such as yourselves?

You will never know true joy until you purchase a LandYacht.

What are Fever The Ghosts aspirations as a group? Where do you see your success taking you?

Owning an island.  An Island.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?


What’s the worst song you’ve ever heard?

‘My Lover is Another’ by The Yucky Puppies.

‘We’ll Never Know the Place’ seems a bit melancholic  compared to the other songs on Crab in Honey. Where did that song come from?

That is a good question for Casper [Indrizzo, the group’s lead singer].

Besides yourselves, what musician  or group deserves more attention today?

Actually, we would like to take this time to mention our favorite Youtube personality, Gary20O, and his excellent food reviews.  Please like and subscribe to his channel for weekly reviews, as well as many other entertaining programs.

Please pose a question for me to ask the next artist that I interview.

On the Food Taste Scale, from 0 to 10, what would you give the taste you get when you try to suck nutrients from your seat belt?



Get Crab in Honey on the Group’s Bandcamp and help them prove their worth in Likes and Favorites.


Interview by Greg

mark johns

The name Mark Johns is beginning to appear more frequently these days, and there’s a good reason behind that. Moving Castle’s rising vocalist is known not only for her ability to deliver a manifold of different vocal styles, but also languages. Sometimes we’re hit with English, and other times we get the French treatment to mix things up. So far we’ve seen her work with Manila Killa, Strehlow and Y//2//K, solidifying her name while proving she is not someone to be overlooked. Now we’ve got a brilliant cover of Kanye West and Jay-Z that is guaranteed to shine more light her way. With ‘In Paris’, we witness the alleviating vocals of Mark Johns float over Sable’s bubbly production. Hip-hop party anthem turned into a laid-back gem, and the icing on the cake is pitched vocals and a single gunshot that truly seal the deal near the end. The song is already spreading quickly, and we’re not expecting that to stop anytime soon. Oh, and ‘In Paris’ is available for free download here.-Jordan

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Producers Y//2//K and Josh Pan teamed up to create ‘Bubble’, a genre-bending amalgam of trap, club, and melodic future elements. The song is named in concordance with the twisted, chopped and pitched MIA sample that forms its foundation, and it features a label-defying evolution of sonic textures, builds, and breakdowns.  ‘Bubble’ begins with smooth synth chords and a pitched-down version of the MIA sample repeating over trap beats. Thumping kicks soon build below the chopped sample, leading into a club-inspired breakdown.  Another build gives way to bright synth arpeggios floating on top of the trap beat, eventually breaking down into a series of short chopped and pitched vocals. The producers add a unique touch with 808s and samples of clinking metal accenting over the trap snares and droning bass. The song fades out over some gunshot sounds, leaving the listener stunned and considerably mind-blown by a fusion of aggressive builds, dance beats and imaginative production.  You can stream the track below and grab a free download of it here, or by following the streaming link to Soundcloud.

– Arielle

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East Coast duo DMND//CvTTER unveiled a promising output in 2014, piecing together a vibe-worthy future influenced sound that spans many different genres. Releases on Cosmonostro, SVNSETWΛVES, RAW Records and the Team Supreme Beat Cyphers have solidified their name. Now the group is back with an alleviating remix of Celadon City that is layered with a blissful aesthetic. Taking on ‘Amsterdam’, the rising producers give us no choice but to close our eyes and drift off into an instant dream state. The instrumentation is refreshing, the vocal samples are properly executed, and the entire track comes across as something you could listen to on repeat. Read a book to this song. Take an adventure and watch the sunset. Whatever you do, just remember to appreciate the finer things in life and take a moment to break away from the clutter of everyday life.


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Real Slow supercool

Real Slow has a new single ‘Supercool’ and it is, as the title suggests, super cool. This artist coasts through build-ups and drop-offs smoothly, creating a unique sound that’s intense yet easy to listen to. ‘Supercool’ features a sample from Drake’s ‘Look What You’ve Done’ reworked and it’s integrated so well it sounds completely original to Real Slow. The skillful balance between the sampling, beats and synth, makes for a unanimous sound that everyone should check out.


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Spinning Top has released the latest promotional track from the Australian band POND’s forthcoming album Man It Feels Like Space Again. ‘Zond’ shows us, once again, that this will be an album of POND’s stowed away pop hits. The songs are a bit more conventional but POND’s weirdness is unwavering. Stream ‘Zond’ below and watch the crazy music video directed by the artist Fascinator here. Man It Feels Like Space Again is set for release on Jan 23 (AUS), Jan 25 (UK) and Jan 27 (US).


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