Recently we were sent Slim Twig’s latest album A Hound At The Hem and were absolutely blown away. Slim Twig has been able to craft an incredibly unique sound by melding different genres from various eras. We immediately knew that we had to do some form of coverage; check out our track-by-track review below.

Heavy Splendor

‘Heavy Splendor’ is the perfect opening track and serves as an introduction to Slim Twig’s unique sound. The track begins with an orchestral opening that quickly breaks down into a highly distorted bass line accompanied by Slim Twig’s melancholy vocals. The combination of hauntingly deep vocals with more congested punk-inspired vocals creates a very dark and interesting atmosphere.

Clerical Collar

This track begins with a much lighter sound that is slightly reminiscent of 60’s pop rock. Slim Twig still is able to put his unique touch on this track with a wide variety of vocal harmonies and instruments. The interesting use of harpsichord gives this track a very nostalgic feeling.

Widow Were you younger

This track begins in a much looser fashion than the previous two. A dancing bass line combined with complex piano lines and syncopated percussion create a very busy atmosphere. With a very haunting breakdown consisting of deep vocals and choppy piano riffs makes this one of the stand out tracks from the album.

Shroud by the sheetful

Wow. This track is a journey in itself; the complicated bass line and use of instrumental layering creates an incredibly interesting sound. Slim Twig’s unique vocal range blends perfectly with the wonderfully erratic sound that this track was able to somehow capture.

All this Waiting

‘All this Waiting’ plays along at the perfect speed. Rocking piano and warm snares rumble through the track. On top, Slim Twig’s vocal hooks bring it all together. Not to mention some weird crazy synth lines.

Hover On A Sliver

Tension builds relentlessly in ‘Hover On A Sliver’. A modern composition/rock song, it’s a bombardment of sporadic instrument parts. The use of strings along with really unique jazz rhythms make this track stand out. And Slim Twig’s vocals are perfectly unstable.

Maintain The Charade

A very dark and paranoid song, Slim Twig’s lyrics match the gritty guitar riff perfectly. The track nearly slides into the oblivion of a psych jam a few times. Only to suddenly bounce back. Even when the major chorus kicks in, ‘Maintain The Charade’ has a dark uneasiness to it.

Blonde Ascending (Come Into The Clatter)

A brilliantly written song, this track was an excellent finish to A Hound At The Hem. Totally assessable but completely unpredictable, it’s a messed up pop ballad. Heavy vocals wail on top of this complicated Beatles-like chord progression. The blend of spacey guitar, rock organ, strings and even harpsichord is unbelievable. Slim Twig’s instrumentation is at it’s best in ‘Blonde Ascending’.

Written by Henry Schlenker and Nathan Florsheim


Rising emcee Chris Felner, or better known as Felly, released Schoolzones as the first single from his upcoming album, “Milk & Sugar”. The album will be officially released this weekend on the 31st. This track wonderfully combines two different styles to create a fantastic contrast. The first half of the track, roughly the first two minutes, has an upbeat vibe that you can’t miss. The background tune and light melody gives off great vibes and make this section of the song immensely catchy. The song transitions into a jazzy laid back feel that brings it all back to Felly’s first tracks. This unique tune is a great way to introduce Felly’s new album and I can’t wait to hear what he brings next. Enjoy and be sure to listen to the rest of the album.

- Grace

P.S. Check out this new video of Felly going in on a Diplo beat:

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Mckenzie Ellis or “Mothica” is a musician from Brooklyn, New York that has really managed to catch our attention due to her soothing yet haunting vocals and collaboration with some of our other favorites.

Mothica has been featured on many tracks and has collaborated with artists such as Tulpa, Chris Pollock, and DIVERSA. Mothica’s unique voice has brought forth emotions on all of the tracks she’s been featured on as well as her own that are hard to describe, but will somehow just make you feel at peace.

We also got the opportunity to ask Mothica a few questions, so be sure to check out what she has to say, as well as listen to a few of her songs that we are really digging.

Hey McKenzie, how are you?

I’m hanging in there. I just finished up my computer programming midterm projects for school, so I’m exhausted. Finding time to write music between coding is rare recently.

When did you first show interest in creating music?

I wrote lots of “songs” (mostly about dragons and fairies) when I was little but it wasn’t until I started classical guitar lessons in 9th grade that writing music became a pastime. It was very private, though. I didn’t tell anyone or play in front of anyone, I just wrote songs and uploaded them to youtube.

Do you have any stand out influences?

Lykke Li. Bjork. Majical Cloudz. Billy Joel. In elementary school, I was in a motown choir. I’m still trying to figure out the correlation between all of my favorite artists and how they affect what I make.

Do you have a routine in your writing and production processes?

Not at all, but I usually start out with what I know best…a chord progression and mumble a melody into the microphone that I can later write lyrics for.

Are there any specific artists that you would love to work with?

Yes! Odesza, T-E-E-D, Majical Cloudz.

What are your favorite aspects of creating music?

The momentum in the very beginning is the sweetest bit for me, when the wheels are turning and all the little happy accidents that transform the track. Finishing it up and posting it brings the most stress.

Can you tell us a little bit about your latest release with Bear//Face?

Yeah! We met on twitter and I sent him some of my half-written songs. He picked “molt,” bedazzled it, re-arranged it, and brought it to life. He actually stayed in my apartment in Brooklyn for the past month and we started a few more songs together.

What’s something that goes unnoticed in your life?

hmm…my hairbrush.

What’s your favorite animal?

Oh my, you have to be specific with what environment, there are so many…. the devil ray is a favorite. It’s like a twenty foot sting ray with devil horns! And of course, moths.

What’s your favorite plant?

It’s really grim, but it’s the poisonous hemlock plant. Socrates drank a concoction of it to commit suicide to avoid being executed by Athens.

Could you give us some advice on life in general?

Probably not, haha, I make a lot more observations than I do answers. I was thinking the other day about how I am the only thing between me and my art. Being in control is both debilitating and liberating, and it can be really terrifying if you don’t have a goal.

What does the rest of 2014 have in store for you?

The end of 2014 is near but I’m going to be really focusing on writing music for a future EP release. I want to spend time alone and let it manifest itself. And hopefully survive my first New York winter. Eek.

Written by Sam
Interview by Simon

POND with Doctopus-1

POND’s live set is an anomaly in the universe of psych pop. Currently on their North American tour, POND has splashed down in major cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Toronto and Chicago. But last Friday POND passed through the smaller college town of Madison, WI. What ever happened when POND and fellow Perthians, Doctopus played for a room of rowdy college guys and girls? Well general debauchery, ferocious head nodding and an impressive amount of crowd surfing. Summed up POND’s Madison gig was pure fun.

A few of the standout tracks POND played.

‘Whatever Happened To The Million Head Collide’

The opening song, ‘Whatever Happened To The Million Head Collide’  set the precedent for the rest of the show. It took everyone’s expectations, crumpled them into a ball and slingshoted them into the atmosphere.

‘Giant Tortoise’

This track should come as no surprise. The hardiest of jams, ‘Giant Tortoise’ had everyone rocking out. Hobo Rocket was the backbone for POND’s live show and it was everything you would expect from the album live. Well all of it except ‘aloneaflameaflower’. But Nick assured us that they haven’t played it once since recording, and we’d probably be disappointed. I guess some of POND’s jams are too righteous, even for POND.

‘Elvis’ Flaming Star’

‘Elvis’ Flaming Star’ is the latest promotional track from POND’s forthcoming album, Man It Feels Like Space Again. This song really pumped me up for the new album. POND’s gunna get a little dancey everyone. But trust me, it will be great. Everybody was dancing as soon as the the intro to ‘Elvis’ Flaming Star’ kicked in.

‘Waiting Around For Grace’

Another track from POND’s upcoming album, Man It Feels Like Space Again. It’s a great sign to see that these guys have their brand-new material so down. I mean, they absolutely wailed on this one. I just hope I get a chance to see POND when they inevitably tour for the new album. It’ll be out of this world.


Along with the show, POND was friendly and mingled with the crowd. I was able to talk to GUM about his solo work, have a quick conversation with Shiny Joe about space and even an awkward encounter with Nick. POND’s live shows are incredible. Please take a look at the remaining tour dates for North America here. If you are even remotely close, go!

Support these guys by pre-ordering their new album, Man It Feels Like Space Again here. (Available in AU)


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Written by Henry Schlenker
Photos by Hannah Frank


Stwo is an artist I constantly watch for new music and he recently released an edit of ‘Her’ by Majid Jordan. It is flawless. Jordan’s vocals combine perfectly within the instrumental’s experimental sound, with a subtle gorgeous bassline underneath. This refix seriously takes me to a different planet and I’m truly in love with it. Enjoy!



Every now and then I come across a track that leaves me completely speechless. Koloto’s new track is incredibly simple but at the same time one of the most impactful creations I’ve heard in a while. The sounds and textures created by this incredibly talented producer will without a doubt leave you feeling euphoric and different. So just take a listen.

- Sam

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Hailing from all the way across the pond, London’s own Deep Heads brings us a song entitled ‘Constant’ by Biome. The song is a unique and somewhat dark spiritual journey.  The journey is lead by a beautiful vocal sample that fades in and out of the song. The vocal sample is packed with reverb and adds to the dreamlike state of mind along with seemingly perfect production. ‘Biome’ brings a new feel to the table by creating a multi genre mix unheard before. Enjoy.

- Drew

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German producer Mazde recently teamed up with Andrew Grant and Dylan Wright of the Australian electro-soul duo, La Mar, to create a captivating new tune titled ‘Shifted Thoughts’. Taking a page out of Flume’s book, Mazde tickles your ears with a delightfully dirty melody that rolls and bounces through the track in all the right ways. Accompanied by La Mar’s slow and soulful vocals, the song strikes the perfect balance between pop and experimentation. It’s good man. If you don’t do anything else today, hit that play button and probably the repeat one too. You won’t be sorry.

“Thoughts” is the first song to be released by the fresh new Australian label, Stony Roads Records. Stemming from their online dance community Stoney Roads, the collective just made the risky jump into the record business. But with a debut track as strong as this one, I’d definitely keep an eye on what these guys have in store for the future.

- Griffin

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It has been an exciting two weeks for 17-year-old producer Jeffrey Melvin (also known as Melvv).  His latest track, aptly titled “Vibe”, has been posted by MrSuicideSheep, made its way onto Earmilk, Dancing Astronaut and other well-known and well-respected music blogs, directing what must have been a surprising and humbling amount of internet traffic to his Soundcloud page in a very short amount of time.  The excitement continues with UK-based producer Fuse’s high-energy remix of the track.  Fuse drives the idiosyncratic pitched vocals and water droplet sounds from Melvv’s original production in double-time with a dancey, clap-filled beat, accented by sweeps and reverb-saturated breakdowns.  Quirky vocal samples that call to mind a male SIMS character offering relaxed comments of agreeability (“Niice”, “You got it!”) add an unexpected twist to Fuse’s uptempo reimagining of Melvv’s vibed-out track.  Check it out below:

- Arielle


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Mayo, a rapper hailing from Chicago, recently released his track “I Know” and it’s excellent. His lyricism is unique yet relatable, with an eloquent delivery to match. Furthermore, the production is on point, brought to you by the acclaimed artist Dpat (we absolutely love his work). Oh, and I’d like to wish a very happy birthday to Mayo. Send the dude some love if you can dig the song. Enjoy.

- simon

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