Get It Over With

Just play it cool and put on some of the June Notes EP. The four-track collection from Twenty9 & August Heldt is equally smooth & inventive. Words wont work to explain the soulfulness these two artists have tapped into. We were fortunate enough to release the title track, ‘Get It Over With.’ And if you continue through the EP you will find three other incredible songs. What else is there to say other than thank you August Heldt & Twenty9.


It can be tough to keep up with all of the music that gets released on a weekly basis, so my goal with this collection is to showcase the noteworthy highlights in a new feature here at alaya! Luckily for us, we never see a shortage of talented artists putting out stellar material, so when it comes to finding phenomenal songs to showcase, it isn’t just easy, it’s an amazingly enjoyable experience.

Nothing’s off limits here, so expect a myriad of sounds, styles and expressions that span over countless influences and textures. I’m looking forward to sharing what I love, and I hope I can help you find a new favorite artist in the process as well! Enjoy the first installment below, and don’t hesitate to send me music at or on Twitter also! My ears are always open.

The massive double LP Virgo’s Maze is plain and simple, the perfect representation of a diverse album. Part Time’s double LP moves through so many different directions in the 80 minutes.. Virgo’s Maze via Burger Records has every vintage sound to pick from a dream record collection, the movements range for a 70s rock vibe in ‘Fallin’ 4 U’ to a shoe-gaze garage tone through out ‘I Saw Her Standing There’.

Virgo’s Maze mainly focuses on experimentation in synth based pop electronica, which creates a nostalgic sense in ‘Touch Me Responsibly.’ Everything within the album is a testament to the age of experimentalism and with that, there are some tracks that might not immediately fit your taste. Part Time does not stray away from the 80s techno dance, with soundtrack-like elements throughout. Then there are the warped Guitar fills, synth melodies and chunky bass on tracks like ‘It’s Too Late’ and ‘My Jamey Small,’ the perfect conclusion to the record. Have a listen to some of our favorite tracks. The entire album is available streaming here and you can buy Virgo’s Maze, here.

– Drew


I had a little conversation with qop, an admin of the facebook page POST JAPAN. We talked a little about art, therapy, and if vaporwave is dead. Check it out below…

hey-hows it going?

Hi matt. I’m ok, I’m at work. How are you???

I‘m doing alright- just hanging out at my house. Where are you working?

I work at AV services at Reed College. Cables and stuff

Nice. That’s sick, so lets talk about Post Japan a little. A lot of your designs incorporate a variety of aesthetics and images would you say that Post Japan aligns with one overlying aesthetic or theme? How do you go about curating the page/making designs?

The other admin, Killian Stark, approached me a little over a year ago about making an instagram with him. We were both having fun with the whole vaporwave, high saturation tropical colors corporate products thing for a while. But then we started to branch out just because there were things that both of us wanted Post Japan to become. That’s when our curation/creation protocol started to develop, where Post Japan became this thing that was cycling between experimental releases and product development. Like how a marketing firm works but we’re not advertising anything.

It seems like you guys do more than just appropriate images into an aesthetic. One of my favorite designs is one where you reconfigured cars into various icons. especially online- a lot of cultural artifacts can be exchanged and incorporated into art. do you think Post Japan tries to do more than just incorporate images found online?

Yeah! Killian has especially inspired me in a form oriented approach towards this kind of art making, wherein the marble statue or the car is less of a meme or a point of critique as it is a unique shape and design that can be worked and reworked in various ways. We kind of move along with this sort of cultural tradition of web users to find things and fixate upon them, but I don’t really know why anyone does it. I just know that cars are really easy to slice up with straight lines. 10881947_636764916434089_4277765748390497700_n That’s awesome you can collaborate with someone on this project. regarding that- it says that you’re based both in Belgium and the U.S., how’d you guys meet up?

We met through Glitch Artists Collective haha. I think by now the vast majority of my facebook friends are people I’ve never met in person. I hope I get to meet him one day he’s a chiller.

So you guys both work remotely from those locations respectively then?

Yeah, and when we collaborate it’s purely through file exchange over dropbox or email. It gets real hard sometimes with the time difference and the fact that we’re both in school.

Yeah I get that. Moving on from your impressum, it says ‘ART IS CRAFT WITH GALLERY AESTHETICS; POST JAPAN IS CRAFT WITH THERAPEUTIC AESTHETICS’ – can you explain this?

That was a statement I made a while ago haha… I’ve been on and off and all around about a lot of art that I’ve been seeing… how it’s always been hard to separate a political or social intention/movement/process from an aesthetic one in art, and how the inaccessibility of a lot of art renders it generally useless and lacking in affect towards anyone who doesn’t study art. So I’ve decided that I want to make therapy part of my practice in art, in that I want to spend a good amount of time with projects that are focused on generating works that are meant to heal and beautify the self in a way that doesn’t require a contextualized understanding or academic inclination. Aesthetic therapy, kind of like Oscar Wilde but also kind of like Zen.

Yeah i understand that- so would you say that your page is meant to be a form of accessible therapy that users can subscribe to for whatever they need? Yeah! Hopefully at least. I know that a lot of people see it and just ignore it, which is fine. I don’t like forcing myself into situations anyways

Thanks again for your time. I have one last question. Is vaporwave dead?

Hahahahahaha As far as I know, everything on the internet dies once someone starts to take it too seriously…So yes

Check out Post Japan here

Sometimes you run into a voice that blows you away. And this is the case for R.LUM.R. In his latest track “Be Honest” his emotional vocals burgeon as the glowing instrumental from Ethnikids provides an amazing soundscape. Stream “Be Honest” below and have a nice day.