Mayo, a rapper hailing from Chicago, recently released his track “I Know” and it’s excellent. His lyricism is unique yet relatable, with an eloquent delivery to match. Furthermore, the production is on point, brought to you by the acclaimed artist Dpat (we absolutely love his work). Oh, and I’d like to wish a very happy birthday to Mayo. Send the dude some love if you can dig the song. Enjoy.

- simon

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Hey everyone, we’re excited to introduce alaya family & friends! In this series we aim to showcase music from our friends and family. First up is a wonderful tune titled “Vibe” from the Milwaukee based Melvv. Next is some new heat from Hotel Garuda and GRYFFIN, followed by GvnchiMark Johns, and Manila Killa. After are some brilliant pieces brought to you by TulpaTydes, Petit Biscuit, Imprintafter, Dirty Chocolate, WRLD, Polar Youth, BLANKTS Sun Na, Real Slow, and Mr. MPH. Be sure to pick up any track you’re feeling because they are all up for free download. Enjoy.

- simon

PS: Happy birthday to my dude Mayo. Peep his new track “I Know” (Prod. Dpat) here.

Tülpa, otherwise known as Iván Zhyzhkevych, is an exceptionally talented young composer, pianist, and producer, whose work consistently mingles innocent whimsicality with a deeply sentimental melodic grace. Song titles reminiscent of a Peter-Rabbit-themed childhood folly (“A Cabbage Named Fred”, “Tulip Tango”, “Dance With A Sunflower”, “Tomato Plants”) are presented alongside pensive, introspective pieces (“A Slow Walk to Nowhere”, “Fell”, “Paper Walls”, “Our Tears Were…”) that move the listener with their emotive simplicity. “The Girl & The Hare” is a stunning union of these two unique facets of Tülpa’s work; a playful title frames the dynamic composition, equal parts reflective and fanciful, threaded with the poignancy of profound rumination and glistening with the beads of a curiosity found only in the young-at-heart.

- Arielle

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I recently came across the duo Cumeo Project who are based in both South Korea and the US. I’m already super hooked on their sound. Their ability to generate a light and fresh listening experience with the use of combined guitar, synth beats and airy reconstructed vocals is absolutely golden. ‘No Youth Flowers’ is a really unique tune, and is especially worth checking out. If you like this song make sure to check out the rest of Cumeo Project’s amazing creations and download this one for free!


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Matt DimonaLA producer Matt DiMona dropped a new remix of Katy Perry’s pop sensation, ‘California Gurls’. DiMona has a great track record for quality pop remixes and this one continues the trend. Katy Perry’s vocals are slightly pitched down to keep it tasteful. Below this, in classic Matt DiMona fashion, runs a crisp house beat. But what makes this remix exceptional are the irresistible synth melodies discreetly weaved into the background. Below you can stream and download the remix of ‘California Gurls’ for free! If you like it be sure to check out the rest of Matt DiMona’s tracks on Soundcloud.

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Feels like Space Again

POND has blessed us with another peek of their forthcoming album, Man It Feels Like Space Again. POND presents, ‘Elvis’ Flaming Star’ with an impressive homemade video. Filmed using a few iphones, silly string and some alien specs, POND’s  music video utilizes mind blowing special effects. Here are a few words from POND on their new video,

“Well shit in my hat and call it lightly braised cuttlefish with lavender crème fraîche, they let us make another album. We celebrate this historic occasion with our video for the song entitled ‘Elvis’ Flaming Star’, which will be on Man, It Feels Like Space Again. It is a piece of generation defining audio-visual art that will change our cultural landscape forever. We here in this van are all well excited about it, so please have as much fun watching it as we did making it and if you don’t, go get your friends, dress up in silly clothes and attack each other with silly string and water balloons.
Best Wishes, Pond.”

Stream ‘Elvis’ Flaming Star’ below and watch the music video here on Vevo.

Pre-Order Man It Feels Like Space Again here. (Currently available in AU only)

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Singer-songwriter BANKS is known for her chill-inducing lyrical rawness, for bearing her soul in songs where her strength and fragility penetrate her mournful croon. The talented duo Hotel Garuda teamed up with New York-based producer Gryffin to infuse BANKS’ visceral and exposing lyrics with a dance-inspired melancholia in their remix of “Beggin for Thread”. Her hauntingly biting vocals swoon with a violent grace across floaty synths and house-influenced beats, complete with melodically chopped vocals and atmospheric sweeps. The complexity of BANKS’ relationship with herself and with the unknown romantic she sings about in this song seeps with a tangible tension (“I know my disposition gets confusing / My disproportionate reactions fuse with my eager state / That’s why you want to come out and play with me”), and the sonic dimensions of this remix only serve to enhance the poignancy of these sentiments. Gryffin and Hotel Garuda’s work ushers the song into a live setting where listeners can dance along to it, allowing themselves to be overtaken by the delicate intensity of the tune.

- Arielle


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Hi there. We’d like to present a new feature here on alaya called Artist Spotlight. Every week, we will be sharing some songs with you from an artist we are really digging at the moment and say some words about their work.

This week, we’re gonna be showing you an extremely unique 17 year old producer from Stirling, Sam Gellaitry. Gellaitry has managed to make huge waves in the music production community as of recent due to his membership to the immensely talented SOULECTION family.

His style of creating ridiculously hard beats and combining them with chopped up vocals really manage to make an impact on the listener, and his fantastic talent in production is demonstrated throughout all of his musical masterpieces. Do yourself a favor and listen to some sweet melodies from the one and only “DJ Sammy Gee”.


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The Saturday Selection is back. Sit back and “Vibe” to my own track recently released on the alaya. issue 01 compilation to start off the set, followed by a beautiful new collaboration from BEAR//FACE and Mothica. Two other must-listen tracks are tennyson’s intricate jazz-influenced track “With You” and Karl G’s euphoric progressive house remix of Luna by Bombay Bicycle Club. Enjoy!