This mini EP from K-Wash is absolutely ridiculous. La Mierda is one of the most creative tracks I’ve heard in a while. A little trap vocal sampling with Latin guitars and rhythms, your initial reaction will probably be confusion. But once you accept K-Wash’s weirdness, it could easily become one of your favorites. Top Cats has been putting out amazing music and they are starting to see their collaborative efforts pay off. Keep an eye on the cats for future releases and stream K-Wash – ‘La Mierda’ / ‘Love Me’ below.

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DRWN. has released a preview track for his upcoming album, RITUALS. Chicago-based Blvnt Records has built up their reputation as a solid source for old school and experimental hip hop instrumentals. It is definitely cool to see them featuring more full length album & ep releases. Kick back to DRWN. ‘alone’, and keep an eye on Blvnt for RITUALS and (hopefully) more full length albums.

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The collective Moving Castle has seen huge success recently and it is well deserved. Their fourth compilation album, Moving Castle Vol. 4, was just released and it’s another example of how Moving Castle is constantly updating their collective sound and staying dynamic in the scene. This release includes a variety of unique tracks, a few of which could easily become your latest favorite. The track that really stands out for us is Chet Porter’s ‘Aluko River’. Without paying too much attention to any specific genre (or maybe equal attention to all of them), Chet Porter blends classic electronic and future elements into serene acoustic samples. ‘Aluko River’ is one of the most interesting, natural-sounding pieces of production out there right now. Stream it below and definitely follow the Soundcloud link to explore the rest of Moving Castle Vol. 4.

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You know there’s a party going on when there’s some T-Pain in the mix! Beshken just hit 10,000 Soundcloud followers and released a quick, fun edit to celebrate. It’s a light, two and a half minute remix of Chris Brown’s, ‘Kiss Kiss,’ and I have to admit I love it. Mixing danceable hip-hop with danceable electronic music made this a bouncy  treat of a track. Plus anything with T-Pain is automatically fun.


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Ohhhhh. The Dutch prodigy, Deon Custom, is back with a new edit of “Triadzz” by Rustie and let me tell you. It’s great. Between his shimmery synths and unique sampling palette, the track slaps hard and rejuvenates the listener’s ears. Don’t nap on Mr. Custom because he’s on the come up. Take a listen and enjoy.


We’ve been waiting for this one. Tame Impala has released, ‘Let It Happen’ – the title track off of their unnamed album coming out later this year. Kevin Parker, Tame Impala’s main-brain, is a DIY songwriter, recording artist and producer who is known for home recording and producing all of the band’s albums. We love to see Kevin Parker constantly pushing Tame Impala’s sound in new directions. ‘Let It Happen’ reveals that this album will be more electronic-influenced, with strange synthesizers, filter modulation and sample looping. I sort of hope he uses that vocoder a bunch on the album.

Head over to Tame Impala’s website for a free download.


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