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Tsurada and Huxley Anne frequently work with one another, and one can see by peeking at their past collaborations such as Puff, that they work incredibly well with one another. Recently the two put out a track as a part of the Courteous Family’s second compilation album, Bloom. This smooth and energetic track is a slight departure from their past more “dark” sounding work, yet is an incredibly enjoyable track that I’ve found myself coming back to over and over again. Make sure to check out more from the Courteous fam as the rest of the compilation is definitely worth a listen.


so the other day i had a nice chat with one of my favorite artists B6. she also made a radical interpretation of our logo (see above) and make sure you check out her art here.

how are you?

did you do anything cool today?

what’s your favorite animal?

what inspires your art?
cute animal videos

what’s your favorite plant?
flowers, cactus, grass

would you rather have a bottle of aquafina, fiji, or smartwater?

what’s your favorite color?

mind sharing some advice on life?
believe in urself, be nice 2 every1, fake it til u make it/figure it out

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People are catching on and Whispa is making moves, releasing new hi-fi futuristic beats on the regular. The only question is when will the Whispa Wave hit? Whispa’s latest is the new track, “wë’ll äll lïvë ündër wätër”. We’d say it’s his best yet, but that probably won’t true by next week or so. Check it out along with the rest of Whispa’s music. We are definitely looking forward to hearing more.

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The UK duo AQUILO brought us soulful feels this week with, ‘Better Off Without You.’ This track has got it all; tasteful production, smooth vocals and even some sexy sax. AQUILO is a group that really believes in quality over quantity. And the caliber of each release makes the time spent waiting worth it. It has been a few months since we last heard from them, so definitely check out, “Better Off Without You.” Luckily we’ll get to hear some more soon on their upcoming EP ‘Calling Me.’

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Our close friend and incredibly talented musician, Max Coburn, more commonly known as Maxo, just released an incredible 6-track release. Maxo is known for his energetic and often video game/chip-tune influenced sounds as well as his incredibly complex synth progressions and bass licks. Chordslayer is a true demonstration of Maxo’s musical diversity and talent, we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next.


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Mura Masa

If you’re looking for something with a fresh sound, the search is over. Mura Masa is an artist who is constantly testing and rewriting the boundaries for electronic production. This week the 18 year old producer has released a brilliant EP titled, Someday Somewhere. The seven tracks take blending of acoustic and electronic textures to another level. Listen to the exit track, ‘When U Need Me’ and check out the entire EP for an equally relaxed and interesting journey.

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